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Posted by Dan Bryce on April 16, 1999 at 11:45:21:

In Reply to: Re: colleges posted by Orchestral-schmorchestral on April 15, 1999 at 22:09:22:

I agree with the fact that we need to be musically adverse. We need to delve into all types of music, all types of emotions, in order to make ourselves better musicians. I strongly disagree with the fact that College tuba teachers are teaching because they couldn't land an orchestra job. While this may be true in a very few cases I would tender a guess that most of them teach because they love to teach. Not every Tuba players vision of heaven is sitting at the back of an orchestra for 45 years playing for 5-10 min. per two hour concert, the same pieces of music that they practiced for 10 years strait to land the job. Dealing with petty personality problems, Orchestra strikes, depending on the orchestra an unsteady pay check. (this just happens to be my vision of heaven but thats not the point.) There are many incredible tubists who could have done that, and who did do it for a while but choose not to now. Ever heard of Sam Pilafian, Roger Bobo, Harvy Phillips, Dan Perantoni, Toby Hanks, R Wiston Morris, and the list goes on and on. Most Tubist with Orchestra jobs teach college as well. I'm sure they have their various reasons but right at the tops of their list is probably "because I love to see a student finally get a concept I've been trying to teach" (at least that is why I love it.)I'm a student myself, and I've studied with some incredible teachers, both famous and not. Some teachers taught me in a way that was easy for ME to understand. Some teachers I just naturally got along with better than others. Yes definately look at student success records, playing opportunities at the school, the music faculty etc. But I would Highly, Highly, Highly, recomend that you study with MANY teachers. Save some money, take some trips, bring a tape recorder, and learn!! Then decide who you gell the best with. That is kind of the "buzz" word for buying tubas on this BBS. Buy the tuba that fits you best. Well I think finding the teacher that fits you best is more important. Ok I'll quit rambling, dissagreements are welcome. Thanks!

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