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Posted by Rick on April 16, 1999 at 19:07:34:

In Reply to: Re: colleges posted by Orchestral-schmorchestral on April 15, 1999 at 22:09:22:

You know, it really amazes me to see these so called "know it-alls" when it comes to tuba playing and thing relating to it. Don't get me wrong. I am not criticizing those of you who put put wholesome information on this sight on a consistent basis like Sean and Jay. However I am appauled at the fact that Orchestral scmorchestral would write something as discouraging to a aspiring young player as he or she did. There are many other benefits of being an orchestra playing. Who cares if there is a limited number of excerpts or that they last two minutes. There are people such as my self and others who have a true love for the instrument and and love to play those two minute long excerpts. I personally don't see anything wrong with studying JUST to be an Orchestral tubist. You see, if a person is truly serious about this then they will succeed. At my school I too of ten hear performance majors talking about taking music ed. as a back in case they don't make it. Right away you are killing your chances of success. WHile you are learning every other instrument and student teaching for a hundred hours plus you could be devoting your time to the tuba. Why is it any different for us a medical student, or law student doesn't take one an other major in case it doesn't happen. They get n there and bust there ass and get prepared so they can be competitive in there field of choice. The same applies to us.

To answer the question of the person who posted the question about schools. I think that should try to go to a school that has teacher who is currently in an orchestra. There are alot of players out there who make a big deal about certain state schools with big name teachers that are saturated with tuba players. At these schools you'd almost be ready to graduate before you get begin to study with that person. Go to a school with a good teacher with a small tuba studio and teacher actually has orcestral experience. Examples of these schools are the University of Missouri-Columbia where Jeff Hoard teaches, Clevland Institute of Music(Wes Jacobs), DePaul University(Floyd Cooley and Dan Anderson), Northwesterm (Rex Martin), Julliard, Curtis, Peabody Conservatory(David Fedderly) these are just a few. Good luck to you!!

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