Re: mouthpiece for an old Conn 20K

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Posted by Jan on April 26, 1999 at 11:13:16:

In Reply to: mouthpiece for an old Conn 20K posted by Clarence T. on April 26, 1999 at 09:48:18:

The Conn 20K sousaphones are real popular in the midwest with polka players. I'm not much of a tubist, but I have the recording bass version of your sousa, a Conn 20J, which is also a polka favorite. I have been told they are the same horn, having only a different body configuration. Quite a few polka players use 24AWs; this may be out of preference, or simply that the mouthpiece is commonly available.

As far as I know, Conn makes two different Hellebergs, the 7B and the "Standard", the standard being the larger of the two.

I started using a Bach 24AW with my 20J. At least for me, when I tried both models of the Conn Hellebergs, they gave me a clearer, darker sound.

I currently am trying a Perantucci PT-44 mouthpiece with my 20J, and I prefer the Perantucci over all the above mentioned mouthpieces.

All I can say is try one or both Hellebergs and see what works the best for you. Good luck! jan

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