Tru-Vu mouthpieces

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Posted by Paul on April 26, 1999 at 17:12:12:

Well I finally saw a pic. of one of those Tru-Vu things people are crowing about on their web sites. Now I know as Tubists we pride ourselves not only on our magnificent horns and the sounds they make but also on our tolerence of others (just look at what we put up with at rehersals and gigs. All those "musicians" with their puny weak instruments. It almost makes a Tuba God want to cry... but I digress).
For anyone who has not seen a tru-vu yet it is a clear composite mothpiece which brings me to my point that being ...
Would YOU want to be sitting down at a rehersal or gig playing away only to be distracted by the birds eye view of the goober, food particles and other foreign matter merrily spraying from your neighbour's mouth into his horn???!!!
We all KNOW this is happening but at least with a traditional type we don't have to SEE it!
My personal view is if you need a "special" mouthpeice get one of those nice spanish wood ones. If an alergy or something has driven you to plastic could you at least paint the damn thing!

Anybodyelse got any thoughts on the matter?

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