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Posted by Kelly O'Bryant on April 27, 1999 at 23:08:24:

Hey Folks,

Well, I'm finally back from the "tour that went on forever....", or
so it seemed. 6,000 miles in 20 days is a little too insane, even for me

OK, a few chores:

1. CC Tuba For Sale: One of my students has a Yamaha YCB-822s (silver)
4/4 size (some folks call this horn a "small" 5/4...) 5 valve CC tuba (4
piston/1 rotor) for sale. It is in GREAT shape. Big honker, with a big,
fat (or phat, if you relate to that one better....) sound. About a year
or so old. No dents, etc. . I've played the horn (obviously), and it is
quite good. Comes with a Yamaha hard case with wheels, as well as a
black cordura gig bag, all in "like new" condition.

New, the horn alone costs over $8,000. The main goal of my student is to
sell it ASAP so they can move on to other things, namely going to
full-time F tuba for grad school work. So, they are only asking $7,000
for horn, case, and bag. As "speed of sale" is the main issue - they
would like it done by June, if at all possible - that price may be able
to be brought down a bit more (a la the $6,500 range, perhaps...) . But
at $7,000, someone is gonna get a lot of tuba and accessories for their
buck. If you are interested, give me a yell, and make an offer, etc... I
will pass on any offers, etc...

Please contact me directly about the horn. It will be ready for "test
driving" on Monday, 03 May 99. I will have it in my possession
"full-time" then.

2. Back to the tour..... Despite that fact that is was a bit long - fun,
but long - this most recent tour I was on was a great time and
experience for me. I had the honor of meeting and even working with
several list folks, and it is always so much fun to put faces with
names, etc. A special shout goes out to some folks who really helped out
in a "business" sense with this tour - Rob Reck, Kevin Miller, the whole
tuba crew at Wichita State University, as well as the one and only
Richard Barker for his wonderful hospitality. To say that this list has
some "unique characters" would be a gross understatement. ;-)

Two "non-tuba" things I learned on this tour -

a. When they put out tornado warnings in central Illinois, they MEAN it.
Fortunately, my car insurance includes an "Act of God/Windstorm"

b. The Oklahoma State Patrol has no sense of humor. None at all. You
would think that at 11:30 at night, with me being the only car for 20
miles, he would have been happy just to talk to another person. Instead,
he seemed rather intent on telling me I was going "dangerously" fast in
a construction zone, so therefore he was going to triple the fine.
Someone remind me to include a $300 speeding ticket fee in my next tour
contracts..... eee-gads.

3. There is still a LITTLE bit of time to submit items to me for the
next deadline for the T.U.B.A. Journal News section. I will be on the
road in Iowa from tomorrow (WED) through 02 May 99, then I will be doing
the news ASAP upon returning. So, please e-mail any items to me
absolutely NLT 02 May 99.

I have e-mail access on the road, so if you have any inquiries and/or
offers on the CC tuba for sale, or about T.U.B.A. News items, don't
hesitate to ask...

Thanks for your time. Now back to your regularly scheduled program...


Kelly O...

Kelly O'Bryant
Tuba Soloist/Professor of Music
Annapolis, Maryland

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