Re: How the nickel plat affects the sound ?

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Posted by ken k on April 28, 1999 at 15:03:29:

In Reply to: How the nickel plat affects the sound ? posted by Andrei Agrachev on April 28, 1999 at 11:59:53:

To my ear silver horns do tend to have a brighter sound than lacquer. The nickel plating is harder and more bright than the silver plate. I got this impression from my days in drum and bugle corps many years ago. Most horn lines back then were still using chrome or nickel plated horns. When a few of the junior corps came out with silver plated horns, the difference in the sound was very noticable. Then about 1980 a corps came out with all brass lacquered horns and the sound was again noticably (sp?) darker. When you have 50 or 60 horns together like that you can really notice the difference in tone quality between the different horns. Also in my tuba/euph quartet our two euph players have identical Besson euphs except for the finish, one is lacquered the other is silver plated. Again there is a noticable difference in the tones, the lacquered horn being a bit darker (whatever that means). Ithink on a bigger horn like a tuba too the difference is more noticable. I am not sure of the difference compared to a bare brass bell with no lacquer. Perhaps someone else can answer that one. ken k

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