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Posted by Leland on August 10, 1999 at 03:37:26:

In Reply to: Re: 3302 at OU camp? posted by Steve Marcus on August 04, 1999 at 10:35:41:

I'm baack...

That turned out to be me with the 3302. Steve was my roomie for the camp, and now that I think about it, I probably didn't mention anything about the horn. Oh well!

It's a BBb -- it just looks like a CC. I didn't get many comments on how it sounded, but then again, I didn't hear many being given out to anybody in general; that must have been a big part of the very pleasant non-competitive atmosphere.

The couple of tubists who did toot on it were pretty impressed. Others who only looked seemed surprised when I told them it was a BBb. Sam Pilafian, in our all-too-brief private lesson, said that he liked it a lot, saying, "This is the best BBb tuba I've ever played -- I'm going to have to call up Gerhard [Meinl] and have him send me one." Of course, he could have been trying to bolster my ego, but I don't think he'd be sneaky like that.

As always, your mileage will vary -- I remember reading either here or on Tubaeuph someone else who much preferred their Kalison to the 3301/3302, which was the exact opposite of my opinions. Whatever works, that's fine; if you like what you've got, you'll enjoy playing.

I still use the gloves, but heeding another's advice, I'm now using split vinyl tubing for the bell edge -- doesn't slide around like the apron did. The apron's better for grass fields, but we don't have those inside the music department. :-)

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