Re: patinization of raw brass

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Posted by Joe S. on August 17, 1999 at 20:40:44:

In Reply to: patinization of raw brass posted by brainstorming on August 17, 1999 at 15:07:41:

I like Chuck's idea. I didn't visit the website, but I have seen Civil War relics collectors hide "repairs" with weird potions named things like "Liver of Sulfer", by burning gunpowder on top of gun blueing, et al.

I didn't give a flip whether my B&S F had lacquer on it or not (or half and half), but the lacquer job on my instrument (when new) was so bad, that little bits of lacquer (after a few months) started embedding themselves in my tux pants. I then reluctantly (I am lazy, and no one pays me to fix my own horn.) stripped the lacquer off of my tuba to stop it from ruining trowsers.

The tarnishing potions that I have seen DO seem to actually tarnish the metal (at least the sulfer types) but "Why?". Just be patient (as Chuck implied), if you really are "longing for a look". I wouldn't set out to purposefully oxidize an instrument. It will do so quite well on its own. Besides, all that "messin' around time" could be "horn playin' time"!

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