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Posted by Roger Lewis on August 18, 1999 at 20:21:03:

In Reply to: MY FOURTH VALVE STICKS!!! posted by Chris Daniels on August 18, 1999 at 17:17:07:

Check the valve carefully to see if there are any marks on it that show where
it may be binding. Usually there are slight scratches that will show this area
in relation to the key. If there aren't any then the kay may need to be
adjusted (filed or sanded down by a professional). Often with new instruments
a bit of the lapping compound is left impregnated in the metal of the valves
and a good cleaning should solve the problem. I had to do my Yamaha twice before the valves would act properly.

If you find there are indeed marks on the valve, a professional repair person
can go over it with Pepsodent toothpaste to re-lap the valve and true the casing.
You might try some light silver polish on the valve itself to smooth out the surface
but make sure you wash the valve thoroughly after polishing it.

Valve issues are critical and it is often wisest to have a professional go
over it. Also, try some Hetman Light Piston oil on it. It really helped my
big horn.

Think it over and good luck.

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