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Posted by Food for thought on August 31, 1999 at 18:25:22:

In Reply to: HOW#%$!(AT)#%$ CAN YOU AFFORD TUBA$$$$$$$$$ posted by anonymous on August 30, 1999 at 20:21:31:

I recommend that you find a musician's union that has a credit union associated with it. They will finance loans for instruments over $10,000 at a fair interest rate. I bought my Yorkbrunner through the Houston Musician's Credit Union and I pay about $250 a month on it for 5 years at 11% (simple interest) and I love it. Next April it's all mine!. The horn easily earns it's payment every month and I realize I should have worked to get one 10 years ago.

The Brasswind is another option and they have good programs through Yamaha/Whirlpool for loans for expensive horns.

If you're serious about playing and becoming a professional, get the best darned horn (regardless of cost) that you can. The key to survival? It's all tax deductable as a busines expense, as are repairs, travel to and from gigs, meals related to performances, a new tuxedo and tails AND you can depreciate the instrument at about $2,000 per year for "wear and tear". All you have to do is show some earnings from playing each year to establish it as a business need and then you deduct it as a business loss each year.

I average about 14,000 miles related to performing each year on my car and it's all business related (tolls, too). Plus at some point in your life you are going to need to be able to show a credit history. If you make all your payments on time, it can be used as a reference when you go for another loan or a credit card or something - just don't go wild.

Get creative and go for it.

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