Re: Wilson vs. PT - 10 , or the Yamaha 822

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Posted by Tom on December 15, 1998 at 10:56:05:

In Reply to: Wilson vs. PT - 10 , or the Yamaha 822 posted by curious on December 15, 1998 at 09:48:14:

These were the three instruments that I was choosing from when I decided to purchase a horn last year. I ended up purchasing a Willson for a few different reasons:

1) Most of my playing on F is in a brass quintet, or brass ensemble. The Willson seemed to have the most potential for simulating a large tuba sound, and really resonates in the low register. I have even used it in a concert band, and it seemed to do OK (a friend was borrowing my CC at the time).
2) It is flexible enough for solo playing.
3) It can really sing in the upper register.
4) I got a very competitive price on it.

The PT-10 and the Yamaha are more "easy playing" than the Willson. The Willson seems to require a greater physical exertion to get around on (this may have something to do with it's weight - it is quite heavy). It did take a few weeks to adjust to this size horn. However, playing this size horn makes it a little easier making the transition to my CC. It would certainly be nice in certain situations to have the option of using a lighter horn.

My reservations about the Yamaha was its sound. It did not seem to have the same resonance that the Willson did (at least while playing the horn - the impression may have been different "out front").

My reservation about the PT-10 was it's ability to produce a lot of sound when needed, and it's problematic low range. I realize many great players have overcome this problem, but it did not seem to be worth the effort if the horn did not meet my needs.

Remember that there are many players greater than you or I who sound wonderful on all of these instruments (my disclaimer). Try to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

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