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Posted by Ed What the Heckman on December 29, 1998 at 12:41:44:

In Reply to: CC vs BBb posted by B. John on December 28, 1998 at 01:55:15:

As a rule of thumb, it seems that CC tubas tend to sound slightly better than BBb tubas. By this, I mean the tone quality seems to be somewhat richer.

And according to Charlie from the WW & BW most CCs also require moving slides as you play to maintain better intonation. He demonstrated this for me when I visited to select my tuba.

This is not to say that your choice should be automatically one or the other. There are enough variances within model lines that you can find a CC which doesn't require slide pulling if you like a particular model, but don't want to pull slides. You can also find a BBb that will sound just as good as any CC you can find.

Bottom line, you can find bad horns in any configuration. You can also find excellent horns in any configuration. First, decide on the sound you want. Then find the horn that lets you achieve that sound. Don't be afraid to try several examples of the same model to get exactly what you want.

Ed "What the" Heckman

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