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Posted by Gary on December 31, 1998 at 01:01:48:

In Reply to: Need a tuba posted by Dave G on December 30, 1998 at 17:21:32:

The idea of an E flat horn isn't too bad, however I think you'll find more BB flat horns available and more people that can give you some assistance in learning to play the horn. I don't think that pawn shops will provide you with much unless you live in a very large city. Even if you find one, the pawn broker is trying to sell THAT instrument to you as he has no others to offer. Not only that, but he know absolutely nothing about the instrument. They even call them "sousaphones" or "sousaphone/tubas", not knowing the difference. So OK, where to look? If you want to go with a new horn, the best place to buy is Brasswind. If you want to search the used market, a couple of ideas. usually has tubas listed. These will range from an occasional pro- quality horn to (mostly) "beaters" that are salvaged from a local jr. high. Another source is at the following URL:
No matter which direction you choose to go, try to find a tubist in you community that will provide you with some assistance. If there is a college close by, talk to the low brass instructor. These people can give you some advice, actually personal opinions, but it's better than no help. Secondly these people can give you some direction as to getting some instruction.

If I were giving my opionion (bias) on a new horn, I'd direct to toward an Amati 321. It's relatively small sized, not off the edge pricewise, and it has 4 valves and a great range. Good luck. Hope to see some posts later on the progress of getting a horn and then you progress playing.

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