Re: New Years resolution to learn a new instrument. Tuba?

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Posted by John on December 31, 1998 at 15:47:29:

In Reply to: New Years resolution to learn a new instrument. Tuba? posted by Jay on December 31, 1998 at 11:48:02:

You can't go wrong with learning the tuba the best instrument in the band. The thing is developing an embrochure for the tuba being able to play notes from high to low and learning fingerings. I don't think that this should be too hard. My best advice is start with simple music to get the feel for the tuba. Play music that's in C major then work your way into F major and G major and so on. Get some simple tuba books. Practice the scales everyday. And then even end your practice time just improvising to make it even more fun.

As for the music you can find music of all kinds for the tuba, jazz, classical, pop you name it. It's just the matter of finding the music that you like. Personally I transpose a lot of my music.

As for being in the background all of the time, it depends on whats being played, but hey being in the background is not bad at all. You are providing the bass (for what good is music with no bass). You are part of the section the determines whether the music is going to bold or thin, You bring soul into the music. You make music MUSIC

You can either be the soloist or be the background bass part or both

I've started on BBb and I recommend playing BBb. It seems to be more people that plays BBb, you'll have more help, but then again someone might disagree. Most professionalls perfer CC and F for orchestral reasons

As for the valves it's pretty much whatever fits your preference. I'll say that Rotary valves to me are slower than piston However again someone might disagree. There are companys that makes Rotary valves that can keep up with the piston valves

As for the model, brand, I don't know what to recommend it's just whatever sound you perfer some brands make their tubas sound sharper while others sound darker and even bolder. Sometimes it's the size of the tuba.

As a conclusion go ahead and play tuba it is very well worth the time. The world needs more tuba players. And if you decide to play tuba. . . Welcome to playing the best instrument that money can buy!

Thank you!

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