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Posted by Phil on December 31, 1998 at 17:57:49:

In Reply to: CC vs BBb posted by B. John on December 28, 1998 at 01:55:15:

I was at The Tuba Exchange last week, and i tried at least 15 tubas, in both CC and BBb. It totally depends on your preference, i tried several good CC that were better then most BBb that i have ever played, however, i shortly after had the pleasure of trying a St. Petersburg (4 Rot. BBb). It had the best sound of any tuba I have ever played by far, better then CC's and BBb's that cost twice as much. CC tubas USED to be much better then BBb in terms of quality, nowadays, BBb tubas are of equal quality with CC. Because of this, some collage teachers who still think of BBb as being low quality will only let you use a CC tuba. Technically, a CC tuba is easier for orchestrial music because the fingering channges, most orchestrial music is in a sharp key, making you need to use more (1) fingerings and less (23) fingerings. I hope this helps you, remember, try the horn first and unless you have a specific reason for getting a certain key (collage professor for example) base your choice on how much YOU like it.

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