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Posted by Jay Bertolet on February 01, 1999 at 21:07:42:

In Reply to: Cerveny BB-Flat & CC Tubas posted by James on February 01, 1999 at 18:58:24:

Sometimes things just come together in an almost concerted effort. The 3 threads, this one and the two directly above, are all related. My opinion of Cervany instruments is that they are fine quality instruments that are priced very inexpensively. And, as if by coincidence, the rotary tuba I'm having trouble with is the Cervany ACB-601 that I own. It got me thinking, in regards to the above mentioned post, that Cervany makes some really great specialty instruments. The 601 is a huge instrument, by no means a versatile tuba, with a huge sound. We just happen to be playing Prokofiev 5 next month so I thought it was time to drag the thing out and prime it up. Such a work would be the only time I would use the 601, most often it would be way too much tuba for the gig. I also own the Cervany Eb tuba which is the smallest Eb tuba I've ever played. In fact, its sound and design are such that it looks and sounds like most F tubas. Cervany also makes a helicon. I'd call that diverse.

I mention all this because of the discussion above this thread involving the Meinl-Weston 2155 and 2165. I've played the 2165 and the Cervany 601 is every bit as much tuba as the 2165, with better intonation and much more ring in the sound. It also costs about half as much, give or take. This said, the 2155 is a much more versatile instrument, the type I would recommend to any college student on a budget which allowed the purchase of just one horn. I've played some of Cervany's more versatile instruments, like the Piggy, and I feel there are better choices out there for that style of tuba. I play a Rudolf Meinl RM-10 for most of what I do with the orchestra I play with.

So, my ultimate recommendation on Cervany tubas is that if you're looking for a specialty instrument, you can't do much better, for the money. In fact, you could spend more and do alot worse. My opinions, for what its worth...

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