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Posted by Marty Neilan on February 04, 1999 at 14:12:52:

In Reply to: What is a Kaiser tuba posted by Richard b on February 04, 1999 at 05:00:47:

I used to play on a Mirafone Kaiser (190) made in the mid eighties. Kaiser tubas are 5/4 tubas and have a very different configuration from York style 6/4 tubas. They are very tall (mine was over 44 inches) with a long bell and have a large bore (.835 on mine) and 4 or five rotary valves. A true Kaiser tuba's bell, flare, and branches are often not too wide by today's standards, some even smaller than large 4/4 tubas of today. Most have a bell size of 17 - 19.5 inches. Kaiser tubas are known for their projection and volume capabilities. I think the first one may have built by Cerveny about 100 years ago (correct me if I'm wrong about this), and they all have a somewhat similar profile, kind of like an elongated Mirafone 186. I believe Cerveny, Mirafone, Rudy Meinl and Hirsbrunner (special order only) currently make Kaiser tubas. The B&S PT 7P seems to be somewhat of a cross between the German Kaiser tuba and the York 6/4 and may have the best of both worlds. FYI I now use a Mirafone 1290 which has slightly less projection but a significantly darker sound than the 190 (and is about 5-6 grand less than a PT 7P.)

Hope this helps, I would like to hear more about these uncommon beasts.

Marty Neilan

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