Re: Hirsbrunner vs. Meinl Weston? Which is better?

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Posted by Sean Chisham on February 08, 1999 at 09:30:54:

In Reply to: Hirsbrunner vs. Meinl Weston? Which is better? posted by Jon Piper on February 07, 1999 at 22:44:32:

Well, as has been stated, each instrument matches up well with someone for some purpose. Meinl Weston and Hirsbrunner make fine instruments, but so does B&S, Rudy Meinl, Willson, Walter Nirschl, and several others.

I would not go as far as to say Meinl Weston and Hirsbrunner are the most recommended instrument manufacturers. I, personally, believe the B&S Perantucci PT-6 to be an instrument with the most bang for the buck. The other instrument which is in direct contention with the PT-6, is the Meinl Weston 2155. Here is my take of the current market in no particular order. I don't mention every brand or instrument, because these are personal observations. There are others.

full sized

Hirsbrunner HB-21
Walter Nirschl 4/4
Rudy Meinl 4/4
Meinl Weston 2145
Getzen G-50

larger full sized

B&S PT-6
Meinl Weston 2155
Willson CC
Alexander CC

large specialty instruments

Hirsbrunner Grand Orchestral, aka Yorkbrunner
Walter Nirschl York copy
B&S Pt-7p
Rudy Meinl 5/4
VMI Neptune (rotary)
Meinl Weston 2165

Every instrument mentioned above has been used professionally, and with good results. You should try out several examples of each one to find the one which works best for you in your musical environment. Ideally you will get a chance to play test them in a large hall, but this is not always possible. Prices for high end instruments start at around $6000 and go as high as $16000, depending on what you need.


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