Re: Re: Hirsbrunner vs. Meinl Weston? Which is better?

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Posted by Craig Hall on February 09, 1999 at 02:55:32:

In Reply to: Re: Hirsbrunner vs. Meinl Weston? Which is better? posted by Steve Oberheu on February 08, 1999 at 18:41:36:

Loved the Stratocaster analogy!
Allow me to elaborate for our tuba-playing friends who may not be conversant in the world of electric guitars.
The Stratocaster is a reasonably priced, ubiquitious instrument that was not even the top of the line when it came out. It became hugely popular with pros & amatuers alike. It is able to cover a large varity of sounds and styles. Most are completely serviceable right out of the box, very few "lemons".(except during the CBS years! LOL) Some few are simply outstanding instruments, with tone and playability unmatched by instuments costing many times their price.
As with Mirafones, older ones are more prized... though not to the same extent. ( If you have a '62 or '57 Strat in mint condition, you can name your price!)
Also; as with Mirafones, some aspiring musicians overlook them when choosing an instrument... Thinking them to common... Thinking their playing will improve if they have the latest "wiz-bang", ultra-expensive, boutique-label, custom shop creation.
Many guitars (and tubas) have come and gone, yet Stratocasters & Mirafones endure, Time tested bench-marks for judging the rest of the field.

P.S. I have four Strats, one of which I would not trade for TWO Hirsbrunners! ( if you have a rotory F, & want to swap for one or more of the others, lets talk!)

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