Re: Manic practice syndrome

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Posted by Howard on February 10, 1999 at 20:51:28:

In Reply to: Manic practice syndrome posted by Sean Chisham on February 10, 1999 at 17:10:10:

There are two major factors that determine whether I have a good practice session.

1) WEATHER Bright, sunny, calm days enhance practice

Dark, gloomy, windy, rainy days kill the joy of practicing

2) GOALS My practice is much more fun and productive when I lay out material
(etudes, excerpts, technical drills, etc.) in advance of picking up the
horn, and have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish that day. The
metronome is one of my most inspiring (and intimidating) tools. It is also
fun to have pre-determined breathing marks to shoot for.

Actually, there is a third factor. I seem to enjoy playing more when the beautiful lady
next door is out in her yard gardening.

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