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Posted by Jay Bertolet on February 17, 1999 at 18:05:10:

In Reply to: Amati Tubas posted by A TubeNet User on February 17, 1999 at 17:16:26:

I agree and disagree with the post by "Oscar". It is true that most of us have purchased our own instruments. We got that money through loans, hard work, or whatever means were necessary to get the tuba we wanted. We did this because there is no substitute for a good quality instrument that feels right for you. However, condemning all instruments from a manufacturer is misguided in my opinion.

I have been told that Cervany makes Amati tubas. Cervany also makes Sanders. There are many such "low end" lines out there that are made by major manufacturers. The analogy I use is the comparison between Oldsmobile and Cadillac. It used to be that Cadillac made a great car. So did Oldsmobile. But both are GM products and in many instances, the cars were identical except they had different names (for instance: Cadillac Eldorado vs Oldsmobile Toronado). I have personally played on several Sanders tubas and find them indistinguishable from the more expensive Cervany line. The bottom line is that you need to play on a horn and decide if it works for you. If it doesn't, does it matter how much the tuba costs?

Don't give up on getting the tuba you want. Look into these "low end" lines and see if one works for you. Try to compare the features of the "high end" line tuba to the "low end" line tuba to know which it is you're buying. Also, don't be afraid to look at used tubas. If a tuba is well maintained, it can last a long time. Even if you have to make some repairs, when you add the cost of the tuba to the cost of the repairs, it might be cheaper than some of the "low end" tubas cost new. Explore your options with the 1st priority being the acquisition of a tuba that works for you. My opinion, for what its worth...

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