Re: How hard is it going from tuba to baritone or euphonium?

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Posted by Chuck on February 18, 1999 at 21:32:22:

In Reply to: How hard is it going from tuba to baritone or euphonium? posted by Roger C on February 18, 1999 at 16:31:41:

Actually, if you're coming from a BBb tuba, you've got the reading problem out of the way, since euphs and baritones are (almost always) BBb (There is a C version, but you're not likely to run into it). If you've got a decent high range on tuba, you may find that other than the leetle beety mouthpiece on a euph, you'll have a pretty easy ride. Just read the notes and finger them as if you were playing them an octave down. No sweat--lots of tuba players double.

I'm going to assume that you want to play euph, not English-style small-bore baritone.

As for equipment--do you want a CHEAP euph or one that plays well and is reasonably priced? A Yamaha 321 is a decent instrument that you can find used for about $800-1100; it's non-compensating, but otherwise pretty well built--and there are a LOT of them around, since it's a popular school instrument. If you're at all serious, I'd stay away from 3-valve euphs; they're a pretty limited on the low end.

As to where you can find one; the net's a pretty good place to start. Sometimes you can find a good deal on ebay if you're into auctions. Otherwise check classified ad sites like and

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