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Posted by michael on January 01, 1999 at 03:23:34:

Guess I am gonna wear this group out with all my questions , but there is just noone to talk tuba with around here that understands the lingo!

I haven't played much tuba for more years than I care to think about, and recently went partially insane and took a position in a local brass band. I had to get the old axe out, give it a bath, polish it up, and start practicing again. Problem is, after so long a time, I can't locate the material I used to work out of while in college.

I used to fancy myself as being pretty good, but now, good grief! Took several minutes just to get my lips to buzz again!

Now after a couple of weeks, my tone is starting to come back, I'm beginning to fill up the horn again, and I need some material to play that will start me off pretty easy and take me as far as I care to go, you know, kinda like the trumpet arban book...

hmmmm, do they (was it fischer?) publish a complete tuba version? I remember seeing a book that was called "for the 1st 2 years" or something like that, but I never saw the other parts.

I used to work from a tyrell book, koprasch, vladivich, and some others I can't remember at this time, those were ok too, some parts were pretty tough to work up.

anyway, point me to a good source!

this is great!!! we speak tuba here!

see y'all!!!

see y'all

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