Re: MW 2155 Intonation Problem

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Posted by Matt on January 07, 1999 at 22:14:03:

In Reply to: MW 2155 Intonation Problem posted by C. Templeton on January 07, 1999 at 08:52:48:

Having just done this fix on a M. Weston 2165, here is how it goes. 1st, YOU determine how much to cut off. If horn plays 20 cents flat, pull out the slide until it plays 40 cents flat, etc. Measure that amount of slide pull and tell the repairman cut ___ inches each side.
Repairman will pull out the slides, unsolder the 2 outer tubes invloved, I chose the bottom slide for the cut so that the player can still have a long pull slide at the top. Cut the required amount off with the tubes chucked in a lathe to get a square edge. Verify the top slide is flat and parallel. Fit the deburred, cleaned and lacquer free at the brace spots, outer tube to the top slide. Solder the top outer tube back in place with no tension. You should have a parallel, quick moving to slide again. Now if you want to cheat and save time and money you can cut the inner tubes of the bottom slide the same amount, using a hack saw and dress it off on a belt sander. That saves unsoldering the slide assembly and resoldering. Deburr and clean. Fit the bottom outer tube to the bottom slide and slide the other tube into the freshly soldered tube already on the horn. Work the bottom tube onto the casing knuckle making sure that the slide ferrules stay flush against the outer tubes ( That is why I recommended cutting the outer tubes with a lathe). Solder the bottom outer slide tube in place. Just one way to do a common repair. Matt

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