5/4 & "6/4" BBb Horns

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Posted by John Szkutko on January 11, 1999 at 06:27:27:

I hope I can be helped out here. With regard to the BBb vs CC tuba arguments, my preference is BBb. 3 reasons, I play in a brass band, I prefer the sound and think it melds better with the trombone section in an orchestra. Now that I have made my big horn decision, now the arduous task of finding the right one!

Over the past few months I've chatted with a few people about various horns. These are

Rudy Meinl 5/4 & 6/4 rotary monsters
Willson 6/4
Meinl Weston 2165 with BBb slides
Meinl Weston 197, Hilgers model
Hirsbrunner 4/4 piston

I've heard that the 5/4 Rudy "ROCKS" (ie fantastic) But I want a 5th valve. How would this effect the horn? (Mr. Kleisenteuber? Sp?)

Willson, Mixed reviews, but I would prefer pistons so this is a consideration.

Meinl Weston 2165, this is the latest thought with the BBb slides. With that in mind, will it have a BBb sound or just sound like a darker CC horn?

Meinl Weton 197 Hilgers, IF it's good enough for Walter Hilgers... I haven't heard much and would like to hear any comments about it.

Hirsbrunner, I have the utmost respect for these instruments but would prefer other experiences if possible.

Money will not be a consideration, as I will purchase a top line instrument with 5 valves when the time arrives.

Thanks now, for any comments!

John Szkutko

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