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Posted by Bruce on January 15, 1999 at 14:36:39:

I'm trying to find out why someones tuba was louder than my tuba? One day I was playing in an orchestra and there was a tuba player sitting next to me. The thing was that he was able to play waaaaayyy louder than I was able to and I don't think that he was over blowing either. His sound was way bigger than my sound and it seemed that his tuba could over power 3 to 4 tubas put together. He was a monster. What really took the cake was when he was playing some fast passages with that kind of sound. I'm trying to find out why he was able to out blow my sound. Is it the mouthpiece, player, technique, the tuba or what. Some say it is the mouthpiece some says it's the tuba. If it's the technique how is it done? By the way this guy was also some kind of tuba professor. That probably could explains why. All inputs are welcome.


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