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Posted by Dale Phelps on January 22, 1999 at 20:58:04:

In Reply to: Orchesral Tubists posted by Josh on January 21, 1999 at 22:45:30:

Best orchestral tubist? If I try to base my assessment
on recordings....then media fidelity becomes a big issue
(yes it does don't say it don't) I won't.

I have seen a paltry few orchestras perform, locally
I have REally enjoyed listening to SF Bay Area pro tubists...
Tony Clements, Floyd Cooley, Zack Spellman, Peter Wahrhoffen (sp?)
these guys are all killer and it is seldom I walk out saying
"too loud" or "didn't hear 'em"...but then again I am a tuba
player and not wholly objective.

When I buy recordings to listen to in preparing a puiece for performance,
I ALWAYS buy a CSO recording, I ALWAYS buy a Berlin or Vienna-type,
and I ALWAYS buy a budget selection that is recorded with slower
tempi than might be average for the recorded catalogue. This is because
1) generally the Chicago recordings give a back row sense (even the Solti
records) which helps me in a section-concept, 2) the German/Vienna-type
gives an ensemble sense which helps in a blending-support-of-the-orchestra-
concept, and 3) the cheapie helps to determine the spots where funny tempi
changes might be expected. Don't ask me why, but this approach helps
for when I play in an orchestra. Whether its Bobo or Pokorny or Deck
or Mr. Jacobs...the fact is they are (ideally to me anyway) a part
of an ensemble, and different approaches help me to prepare for when I perform.
F.W.I.W. and I.M.H.O.



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