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Posted by Joe S. on May 02, 1999 at 21:01:09:

In Reply to: Marching Baritones posted by Jacob on May 02, 1999 at 16:47:20:

I have access to brand new "blem" (look perfect, unless you really, really look hard) D.E.G. marching baritones for an extremely attractive price. I think that I might actually have some in stock. If you call me Monday at (901)458-8791, I can check and see what we are selling these for. They include case, warranty, 6 1/2AL, etc. Although you would find that I have very strong opinions about the acceptability of different brands of F mellophones, I find that virtually all of the Bb marching baritones from Getzen to Kanstul, are fine. Marching baritones, across the board, seems to be much more acoustically agreeable instruments with a lot of room for variation allowing for success. I don't know about trading in your baritone. You would have to tell me what you have. I think that my D.E.G.'s are around $750. I don't know if I can take less without checking with my wife, uhhh... I mean THE BOSS. F.Y.I.: "Bach" are no longer made, really. They are now selling Yamaha stencils. Formerly, the really Bach-made ones were made in Indiana utilizing the old California F.E. Olds and Sons tooling. Their marching baritone was fine, but the Bach-made F mellophone was horrible. Blessing also makes an excellent marching baritone, and Blessing has superb European (I'm nearly certain) valvesets. I cannot sell Blessing for as low a price as I can the D.E.G. "blems", and I have no Blessings in stock.


By the way, would anyone like a VERY nice used Yamaha 321 4-valve euphonium? How about a rough-looking one that still plays fine? I am looking for about $1200 for two very pretty ones, and about $775 for an ugly one. These are all lacquered.

I also have "ol' doggie" American baritones cheap, if anyone just wants something OK to blow on...cases for these ????

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