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Posted by ken k on May 03, 1999 at 08:10:02:

In Reply to: Music major doubts posted by Tito on May 02, 1999 at 21:35:26:

Hello Tito,
Sally beat me to the punch with the suggestion of acoustical engineering. That is something which I have always found to be very interesting. I would think a double major in engineering and music would be a very good background for this line of work. but I also would echo that the message about passion for what you do. Are you really into engineering? Are you really into music?

Also I echo the string about being able to play "on the side" outside of your profession. Most of the best players in my area have "real jobs" myself included. I teach in a school during the day to pay the bills (not really, I love teaching, which is why I went into it, it was never my second choice; also nowadays I couldn't with a good conscience recommned public school teaching to anyone, you really have to want to do it) then after school I teach privately and play in a number of groups. the best of both worlds I think. I like the line about it being easier to be a doctor and be able to play on the side than being a musician and a doctor on the side. Some people may look at it as a cop out, but I look at it as being realistic.

Al the comments so far have been very good.
Good luck with your decision,
ken k

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