Re: Eb tuba in a British Brass Band

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Posted by Bryan on May 05, 1999 at 01:57:19:

In Reply to: Eb tuba in a British Brass Band posted by Greg on May 05, 1999 at 00:47:30:

If you started on trumpet (as so many of us have), the treble clef may return without too much trouble. One bennifit is you can go from Eb to BBb without 'thinking' about the fingerings, as they are transposed parts.

You may want to get hold of a trumpet book and work through it on your horn (particular keyed horn doesn't matter). Just play the fingerings as would a trumpet (C=0, D=1-3 {4 for us}, E=1&2, etc.). If you are not familiar with the treble clef, try using a beginning trumpet book. You should be able to get through it in a couple of days.

I play in one of these bands and have come to enjoy the challenge of the music. Much of the music is designed to push the limits of the players (test pieces). It is worth the effort.

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