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Posted by Kelly O'Bryant on May 09, 1999 at 23:18:24:

Hey Tuba/Euph Folks!

Do you know what May 10, 1999 is? Well, ok, besides it being 9 days from
the release of the new Star Wars movie (!), it is also (big drum
roll...........) the "official" (was there ever an unofficial date?)
release date for "Carolina Morning - An Eclectic Mix of American Music",
the joint solo CD project featuring myself and my very good friend and
partner in tuba crime, Dennis AsKew.

There are three ways to obtain this little gem...

1. You can get all the CD info, prices, mailing address, tune list,
cover art work, etc., etc., by going to my web site at and clicking on the "CD Info" link, which
will take you straight to everything you need. There you will also find
a sound clip of "Duh Blooze", one of the movements of "Duh Suite",
written especially for this CD project by Jim Self of Hollywood tuba and
composition fame.

2. You can e-mail me for info directly at: kotuba(AT) . And then I
will e-mail you back telling you to do the same thing that my web site
says to do ;-) (which basically is to send your check or money order to
me, and I'll mail you a CD...)

3. For those of you closer to North Carolina, you can contact Dennis
AsKew via e-mail at: dwaskew(AT) , and he will tell you how to get
the disc from him.

So, it's finally out! Dennis and I are both very pleased with the final
product. We purposely took steps with this project to play music that
would appeal to a much wider audience that just the "tuba conference
junkies crowd", etc... We think you will all get a kick out of it!

Christmas in May, anyone??? They make great stocking stuffers ;-)

Thanks for listening....

Take care,

Kelly O...

Kelly O'Bryant
Tuba Soloist/Professor of Music
Annapolis, Maryland

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