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Posted by Matt G on May 12, 1999 at 18:09:53:

In Reply to: For The Good Of The Order posted by Ellis on May 12, 1999 at 15:34:16:

I agree that all to often many of us are fixated on buying tubas that are very expensive and a little overpriced. When I am most frustrated with this is when I hear an acquaintence playing a tuba that commands that kind of money and the instrument is somewhat substandard. I myself play a Mel Culbertson 6/4 piston and love it! It was not the only horn I've tried and I did not buy it for just the price. I bought it because I preferred it to some of the competition (Yorkbrunner, MW2165,etc). The only horn I couldn't compare it to was the Nirschl York copy. I eventually played one of those also and was still quite pleased with my purchase.
My main point is to buy the best tuba you can find that fits your budget. I could have paid for any horn on the market outright and found myself shocked that I spent far less than I thought I was going to.
Trying out tubas is like trying out shoes. Michael Jordans might be (have been) the coolest shoes to own but if they don't fit your foot right than don't try to make your foot fit them. Find what fits your own foot. (Sorry for the metaphor)
With the selection of tubas that we have today we are both blessed and cursed. We have a lot of options, and a lot of opinions.
Choose wisely,
Matt g

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