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Posted by John Surface on May 13, 1999 at 00:44:03:

In Reply to: Re: For The Good Of The Order posted by Joe Sellmansberger on May 13, 1999 at 00:09:43:

I really repect that you just layed out your position on everything without regard to what others may think. I wish we could have more people in society that arent sacred to say whats wrong and how to fix it. We have to many followers in society that are scared to tell people that they are messing up, too many 'polotical correct' people. I wish I had a band direcetor that could stand up to the polotics of the Texas public school systems, at least in El Paso. Well, I view almost everything the same as you. I have a Cerveny 601-5mr CC tuba, it was at a very resonable price (from a person on this bbs) and plays pretty darn good . It works for everything I need it to in college. From solo to orchestral, it does it all. One other point I want to make about the better the tuba, the better player you will be, belief among people, If you gave Roger Bobo a little 3/4 yamaha tuba you find in some poor public schools, with the front facing bell, I bet you he would sound better then 99% of all the other people in here, as well as a GREAT percent of the people in the world. Now is that a good, quality tuba, No, would any professional in their right mind ever use this tuba, No. but... His skill level is SO advanced, he can overcome these setbacks with ease. So everyone, instead of spending all this time wondering what tuba will work best for you, all this time, and thinking, If you spent only half as much time thinking about that stuff, and the other half practicing, and i mean quality practice, you would be suprised how much better your tuba would sound. You might just even think it may be a different instrument. Well hope I didnt offend anyone too bad.

John Surface
Music Education Major
University of Texas-El Paso
El Paso Texas

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