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Posted by Sean Chisham on May 20, 1999 at 14:35:04:

In Reply to: queston for Eb tuba players posted by Paul on May 20, 1999 at 12:57:31:

I agree that Eb tubas can sound similiar to BBb or CC tubas if that is what you are after. They can also approach the sound of F tubas with the right mouthpiece and approach. If you are after a CC type sound, then a larger mouthpiece may work out. If you are after a brighter, lighter, and more compact sound then a mouthpiece like the PT-64/65 would work well. Wouldn't hurt to have both mouthpieces depending on your use for the day.

I personally prefer to have a much different sound on different instruments so I opted for a smaller mouthpiece on my Eb tuba. If were going to need to support a large brass ensemble I may use something which had a little meatier sound to it. Then again I also would have purchased a larger Eb tuba or just used CC.

Don't assume that funnel shaped mouthpieces is the only route to take. There are some good bowl shaped mouthpieces also. The Perantucci mouthpieces with numbers above 50 are bowls while the 50 and below numbers are funnels. The Bach 18 is also a bowl, if memory serves me correctly.

Use some unbiased human ears to help you decide which mouthpiece sounds best. Doesn't need to be a tuba player, or even a brass musician. Anyone who can hear you play will be able to supply an opinion. In fact, sometimes it is best to get the opinions from someone like a non-musician, or a vocalist, or whoever. The audience is usually made up of 95% non-musicians anyway. They are the ones who pay money to listen.


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