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Posted by Rob Perelli-Minetti on May 27, 2000 at 11:44:32:

In Reply to: Tuba Purchase posted by Lyle Mundell on May 27, 2000 at 09:18:36:

I agree with Joe that the King (either a 2340BF [the current model] or a 1240BF [the old model number] is probably a better choice than the Conn because its intonation is a little better, it is easier to move around and has an adequately big sound when played by the average player. A 3 valve version should cost you around $1000 or less, depending on condition. The 4 valve version is even better, but would cost more.

That said, I also like the big Conns (22J is the model you want for bell front and front pistons. 22J's are not common horns -- much more common is the 20J bell front with top action pistons). They speak easily and have LOTS of power. If I were the only tuba in a 50 piece band, and I could get a good 4 valve Conn (25J - I prefer an upright bell) where the F wasn't too bad (some of them are better than others -- in college I played one where the F was only around 10 cents flat and easily lippable), I would go for the Conn.

3 valve Conns for sale used are actually probably more common than 3 valve Kings, because most of the Kings were sold as the 4 valve model. Conns were less common in 4 valves.

Good luck!


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