Re: Willson 3050 vs. B&S PT6

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Posted by Joe S. on May 29, 2000 at 01:44:58:

In Reply to: Willson 3050 vs. B&S PT6 posted by Austin Glass on May 28, 2000 at 22:49:41:

I've only played the Willson CC, and not the B&S-6. I apologize for comparing the Willson to a HB 4/4 instead of a B&S-6, but maybe this will still offer some useable input:

I was surprised by the Willson's very workable intonation, even response, and absolutely electrifying low register. Exactly opposite of Hirsbrunner instruments, the Eb below the staff on the Willson is sharper, rather than flatter, than the Ab's. The open notes (G-C-E-G-C), unlike the HB aren't so close to absolutely perfectly in tune with each other on the Willson CC, but the Willson instrument stays better in tune through the notes using valve combinations. (1st valve F in the staff is NOT horribly sharp, NOR are the 1-2 A's horribly sharp on a Willson. In addition, the D below the staff on a Willson may be played by the customary fingering "4", rather than requiring "1-3" to be up to pitch.) Therefore, I believe intonation issues are a "wash" between the two tubas that I am comparing. I feel that the comparison of the Willson "5/4" to a HB "4/4" is a fair comparison, because although the Willson bell is larger, much of the rest of the two instruments is just about the same size.

I enjoyed testing the Willson. Some say that the Willson has a "bright" sound. I found it to have "character" and to be focused when played with a Helleburg-style mouthpiece. **You should know that I am a Willson dealer, so don't take too much stock in my evaluation, or at least heavily weigh in that considerable bias.** (Incidentally, I JUST sold my HB 4/4 after my recent and first-ever Willson test.)

Again, I apologize for my ignorance regarding the B&S-6. I hope that comparing the Willson to a high-quality CC tuba other than the one you are considering was not too annoying. Ultimately, of course, the decision is yours.

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