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Posted by Rick Denney on May 31, 2000 at 12:17:32:

In Reply to: F tuba mouthpieces posted by J.D. on May 31, 2000 at 11:40:15:

I've been in mouthpiece upgrade mode for several months now.

I played a Rose Orchestra on a Miraphone 186 BBb for years until recently, when I switched to a PT-48. I love it. I know you asked about F's, but this sets the stage for what I like.

I have two F's. Both are relatively small--a Yamaha 621 and a Missenharter top-action that was cut from an Eb. The Yamaha has slightly larger bore, but the Missenharter has bigger outer branches.

For years I played a Warburton mouthpiece on the Yamaha with an X30 cup (large, funnel-shaped) and a medium backbore. I have always found with that horn, however, that it works better with a bigger mouthpiece. I tried a Parantucci Model 9 (old numbers--but it was their standard F-tuba mouthpiece and a favorite among some B&S players) many years ago, but it made the lower register stuffy on the 621. I'm still searching for the perfect mouthpiece for that horn, but I like the Helleberg S (large) the best at present, even though I'm not as solid in the upper register with that mouthpiece. Others that I haven't liked as well have been the smaller 7B Helleberg (not bad, but not as much bottom), a Schilke 66 (too small), and the Rose Orchestra (no high end and an unfocused sound). The Warburton is still pretty good, but doesn't have the big sound of the Helleberg.

The Missenharter seems easier to play in the upper register, which compensates for the larger mouthpiece. The larger mouthpiece also gives it a bigger bottom. Again, the large Helleberg is my favorite, and I like it better on this horn than on the Yamaha.

I'm also searching for a better mouthpiece for my euphonium. I like the sound and bottom end of a Schilke 51, but it creates horrible intonation problems on my very old Reynolds euph. I can't better the pedestrian 6-1/2 AL for intonation accuracy, but I sure wish I had more sound.

Rick "Still experimenting" Denney

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