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Posted by Joe Lowman on June 01, 2000 at 12:19:41:

In Reply to: Converting CC to BBb posted by Roger B on May 31, 2000 at 11:25:19:

One converts the CB-50 (and I assume the G-50) by loosening a screw on the fifth valve rotor, pullng up on the shaft a bit and rotating the whole thing about 45 degrees (it may be 180, I forget because I've only seen it done) and putting it back down. After the screw is reattached, pressing the thumb level now raises the pitch by a step from a Bb to a C. One must also do some serious adjusting of the individual valve tuning slides (some of them come out quite a bit) to get it in turn as a BBb. I've never done the complete conversion but understand it can be done satisfactorily. Of course, reversing the process produces a CC machine again.

When I first considered buying a CB-50 I was an amateur BBb player and wanted a fine quality horn that would retain its value by being attractive to a serioius tubist who would probably want a CC. After hearing the horn in the CC mode and then in the BBb mode by pressing the thumb lever I decided immediately I would learn CC fingerings. It's clearer and sweeter as a CC not doubt because there is less tubing to go through. Still, it's a very fine BBb. Switching to the CC fingerings was no big deal and my only regret is that if I have the chance to play in a unversity pep band (Duke and UNC bring in people from the community for basketball games over the CHristmas holidays when students are scarce) I find it frustrating to play with the BBb fingerings because I don't use them but once a year.

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