Re: Willson 3050 vs. B&S PT6

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Posted by Sean Chisham on June 03, 2000 at 14:01:32:

In Reply to: Willson 3050 vs. B&S PT6 posted by Austin Glass on May 28, 2000 at 22:49:41:

This has turned into a heated thread. I will add to the fire and plug the PT-6P. For it's genre, flexible 5/4'ish CC tubas, it is the best in my opinion. It is just the right size to be used in just about any ensemble, from chamber to medium large orchestras. It is easy to play, has a fair price, and has flexible tone colors.

Someone pointed out the lack or projection with the PT-6p. I had never really thought of it, but I have noticed this in the few performances I have heard where the tubist(s) used this horn. I am not sure if it was the horn or the performers, so I will back off of that one for now. For clear projection, you might consider an Alexander, or 5/4 Rudy Meinl, or Yorkbrunner, or Nirschlbrunner.

For the price your choices are a used Hirsbrunner 5/4 rotary, Meinl 2155, or PT-6(p). There may be others, but these are the main ones which come to mind.

I have played the Willson for short periods of time under admitedlly poor conditions, namely conferences. I found the horn Yamaha'ish in its sound qualities, ergonomically uncomfortable, and not terribly flexible over various dynamics and tonal colors. It seemed to have only one playing gear. That is a personal opinion, so your mileage will vary. If you like how Yamaha's sound and play, then you will probably like the Willsons. If you prefer B&S F's and Rudy Meinl's, then the Perantucci may be a better fit.

Just some random thoughts.

sean chisham

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