trade my 981 for your 983?

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Posted by barry on October 09, 1999 at 17:39:44:

OK, I 've heard enough to figure that the 983 will probably be a big improvement, erognomically speaking. I have a 981 - almost. When I bought it back in 1977, it was the standard B&H EE-flat. The "Fletcher model" wasn't yet on the market. I've since added on the 19" bell, and the bigger leadpipe. The pipe doesn't curve much up the bell - it's almost a straight wrap. The receiver does fit any standard m.p. I never had the bell laquered, so it's showing quite a bit of red. I've had a left hand thumb pull attached to the main tuning slide. It works with varying degrees of success - certainly fast enough for most symphony works. I'd like to trade this towards a 983. I've got a reunion blues gig bag, and a DEG tuba stand you can take. I'll even let you pick through my m.p. collection (boy, oh boy). It blows decent enough, I just need something that's less work to hold up and operate.

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