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Posted by Joe S. on October 16, 1999 at 09:27:19:

In Reply to: Re: Weril Euphoniums posted by Gian Marco de Aquino on October 16, 1999 at 07:33:04:

I agree with your gripe about the pistons on PAST Weril instruments. For quite a while, Weril has made D.E.G.'s marching brass instruments, which always played fine, but sometimes had to have the pistons re-lapped. A little over a year ago, the D.E.G. people in Wisconsin sort of got tired of all of the warranty issues that they were dealing with and went to Brazil with some very sharp piston-specialist machinists and worked with the Weril people on technical and equipment issues.

The latest batches of D.E.G. marching instruments (and the Weril euphoniums that I just decided to order) all have very good pistons. One Weril euphonium that I keep dragging out and playing on has not yet been oiled once by me, and I have not experienced ANY sticking.

The #4 piston slide length seems just fine on the euphonium. If you are discussing the Weril TUBAS, I have not tried those out yet, so I cannot comment.

Weril IS a company that has gone through (and I'm sure will continue to go through) learning stages. I remember some instruments that I saw over a decade ago (in particular, a flugel horn and a BBb tuba) that were pretty crudely made. One thing that I DID notice even back then, though, was that they SOUNDED pretty good.

The point of my post was to state that I personally believe that Weril's manufacturing processes have NOW come up to standards which make them eligible for very serious consideration, and I am particularly impressed with their euphonium, which would be of interest to band directors and high school, college, and amateur players who visit this website, and who are not in the market for compensating models.

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