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Posted by Joe S. on October 29, 1999 at 21:20:11:

In Reply to: Recording Equipment posted by Joseph Felton on October 29, 1999 at 20:09:41:

I would recommend CAREFULLY shopping for a used portable Sony DAT, or a new one. Minidisc doesn't quite have the fidelity (sampling/memory/whatever), and if you are going to that much trouble, why not go the extra little bit? After all, either the minidisc OR the DAT will have to be transferred to some medium that most listeners can readily listen to, such as a c.d.

I bought a big (used) Sony DAT deck with a lot of bells and whistles, but, as a "new-media-ignoramus", I didn't realize at first that the BIG DAT decks did not have on-board microphone preamps (pretty dern necessary). I found an old bargain high-end reel-to-reel and I hotwire through it's preamps and into my DAT deck - a little bit of trouble. (This is why I am recommending a "portable" DAT, even though they are more "delicate".)

I did NOT spend $1000 each on microphones, but I DID upgrade to some microphones that were competitively-priced at about $250 each, and am REALLY enjoying their fidelity. The microphones are the MOST important pieces of electronic equipment in your recording set-up.

I MUST tell you, when I make recordings, I have a lot of ability regarding microphone placement, balance, and use of the room, but as to the new technology, I am quite the dumb-ss, so you should pray from more technically saavy guys to post.

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