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Posted by Alan Baer on September 02, 1999 at 23:18:20:

In Reply to: comparing Mirafones posted by Winton on September 02, 1999 at 20:46:53:

The Mirafones are great horns but do have a limitation. I have been using Mirafones for the past 8 years for smaller orchestral pieces or on larger pieces that require 2 tubas on the 1st part. ie Rite of Spring. Their limitation is this. they do break up in the intense loud playing. Now I do stress that it is "intense" loud playing. These horns I don't use for Brukner, Mahler, anything that I need excessive weight. BUT, they are incredible instruments for the above montioned, recording, jazz, or pops orchestra, they have a very narrow sounnd that cuts like a knife that makes it easy to find the pitch.. the Guys in the Milwaukee section really like my Mirafones because they say that there is no question where the pitch is. Try to get a section to say that about a huge piston horn. But that is another subject all together.
B$S are just that, pretty high price but a very good product. The CC's are a bit hollow sounding for my taste, I feel the Mirafones have more core to the sound. the Meinl Westons are also a good horn, sometimes a bit inconsistant, but still good.
In the last year, I have purchased 8 Mirafones either for myself or my students. Not one is a bad horn. They are all consistant in sound as well as response, I can't be happier.
I will note that I DID NOT take the time to write all of this because I have one for sale.
Try one for youself and see.
Alan Baer
Milwaukee Symphony

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