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Posted by Joe S. on September 03, 1999 at 00:07:07:

In Reply to: comparing Mirafones posted by Winton on September 02, 1999 at 20:46:53:

Mr. Baer speaks eloquently regarding Miraphones. I have owned a 186, two different 184's (loved those >> THE "Encounters II tuba"), and a 188 that was made out of nickel and bronze, all CC instruments.

The sound DOES have a lot of "core". If YOU make a really pretty sound, Miraphone clarity is a lot of fun to have as a tool. On the other hand, if YOU do not make a particularly pretty sound, Miraphones won't "help" you with this problem in the least.

They are quite friendly, pitch-wise, and quite resistant, "blow-wise". Once you become accustomed to it, the resistance will seem perfectly normal, and you will automatically know how to maximize (There ARE advantages to resistance.) this factor.

It is hard to argue with their workmanship and their price range. I WILL admit that currently I do not own any Miraphones. If someone had a "fire sale" on a used 184CC, I would be tempted to buy it and keep it (I have been known to sell tubas for a profit). Since my B&S F is extraordinary, though, it sort of made my 184 (however great IT was) obsolete.


Hi Alan! Do you still have your wonderful dog? (I remember when you brought him to auditions in your red[?] car.) Do you still have that nice HB with the two reversed rotors?

A belated congratulations on your distinguished appointment. Hundreds of my relatives live within 100 miles of you, and I am delighted that a great player and really nice guy is filling that chair.

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