New Heavyweight Mouthpiece

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Posted by Marty Neilan on September 11, 1999 at 15:22:16:

This is my last plug of my new mouthpiece. I asked to have my other posts pulled because they mentioned someone they probably shouldn't have.
This is a 1.6 pound brass mouthpiece in a square heavyweight design. The rim and bite is comfortably rounded like that of a mouthpiece designed by a prominent tuba soloist formerly from LA. The rounded rim also makes the cup feel slightly wider than it actually is. The cup, throat, and backbore are a deep funnel style with an opened up throat like that of a mouthpiece used by a famous orchestral player on his 6/4 CC for much of his career. The mouthpiece is made with the highest degree of precision by Terry Warburton on his CNC lathes. To quote Terry, "Due to a number of people getting excited about the Neilan piece, I am going to do a run of them. They will be $185.00 in Silver, and $245.00 in Gold. Shipping will be ($5.00 (to the US)) They will be available in standard shank and large shank."
This mouthpiece works great on large American style piston 4/4 to 6/4 BBb and CC horns. I apologize for the price, but I have been informed that there is a great deal of work that goes into creating one and absolutely no room for error. I am making no money off this and am promoting it only because I think there are a great many players who would love to have one. If you are interested in trying one, please contact Terry Warburton at his website posted below.

Thank you
Marty Neilan

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