2145 info, other info appreciated also

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Posted by John Surface on September 16, 1999 at 16:56:34:

Well, I have begun the thought process to begin a search for a new horn. *actaully the realization that I have to. hehe* My questions are,

a)is a CC MW2145 an overall good horn, please, the honest truth.
b) would this horn be playable in an orchestral setting,
c) how is the intonation on this horn?
d) are the older models better then the newer ones?
e) is this one where you need to get either pistons or rotors, because one has a total disadvantage in the way it was made?

The type of horn I would need is a basic all around horn. I would use this for wind ensemble, orchestra, and solo/studio work. I am not a performance major, I am an ed major, but, still need it for studio work. I am not really serious about purchasing right now, because, I still have to think If I want to sell my large 5/4 horn, or keep it. That horn is just holding me back too much, ie. intonation, a gadzillion alternate fingerings, low range is just plain awful on this horn. So bottom line, PLEASE!!!! help me, I am looking for any info, if yours isnt about a 2145? WHO CARES!!! please post it! heeh, thank you

John Surface

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