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Posted by Matthew Gaunt on September 22, 1999 at 11:08:34:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Mouthpieces posted by Mike Sanders on September 22, 1999 at 10:14:25:

I think that Mr. Sanders makes some very important points here. I my own experience, I have used everything from an old Mirafone 185, Rudy Meinl 3/4, Rudy 5/4, Cerveny 5/4, Meinl Weston 2145, MW 2165, in both chamber groups, full orchestras, and auditions and lessons. I find it very interesting that when I play for tuba players, they always like the biggest, heaviest and darkest sounding horns, but if I play for anybody else, they prefer the color, pitch definition, and core of a smaller horn. Again, this has only been my own personal experience, but I find it interesting that a number of world class trumpet and trombone players have independently said to me both in performing and lesson situations "'s a tuba - it will sound big and dark enough if you look at it, why are fighting to sound bigger and darker instead of clearer and more interesting". With that said, I have found that for me, a smaller horn works well, especially if I use a heavier mouthpiece (currently the Monette 94) - tends to balance aspects of core, response, color, size, etc. I have also found that I do not like the heavier mouthpieces as much as normal weight on bigger horns, for the same reason. Sorry for the length and rambling - but Mike's post reminded me of some very interesting conversations on these subjects in the past couple years.

Matt Gaunt
Proteus 7, Burning River Brass, Albany Symphony, etc.

PS - I just yesterday played a very interesting new mouthpiece Gary Ofenloch has developed with the Parke Co. Heavy-weight, but not overkill, etc...I can tell more about it next week or so after I play it some more...

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