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Posted by Dale Phelps on September 22, 1999 at 17:15:54:

In Reply to: Re: Yet another CLUELESS parent... posted by Jay Bertolet on September 22, 1999 at 16:05:44:

Hi Morris,

In addition to the excellent advice from Jay, here are some thoughts for you and your son to consider :

1) What kind of "sound" are you after? Many people feel you have to hear a sound "in your head" when you are playing. Are you able to produce what you hear "in your head" with the school horns you are presently using?
2) If you are thinking of buying a horn, ask your teacher. If you are not now taking private lessons, I'd suggest a few lessons before you make a purchase. Find someone in your area with a good reputation as a player AND as a teacher. After you have spent some time with them, you will find that you can listen to their advice and help in making a selection of a horn that will work well with you in producing that sound you "hear in your head." Oh, and by the way, if you won't listen to your teacher, find one you WILL listen to.
3) After referring to rules 1 & 2 above, start shopping.
4) Try to remember that folks who post here on the Tubenet are generally well-meaning, but that there is a range of enthusiasts here. Some are pros making a living playing tuba, some are students who are 100% committed to becoming pros. Others are students or hobbiests. If you understand a distinction between these terms, you will be able to "season" your perspective on our various comments.

Like others will say, best wishes in your search, and congrats on a great decision!

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