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Posted by Joe S. on September 23, 1999 at 22:45:13:

In Reply to: New York Philharmonic posted by Rick on September 23, 1999 at 21:58:41:

They showed a lot of shots of him this time! I was concentrating more on talking to my daughter on the telephone about an upcoming daughter/father recital in Rochester and I only had the T.V. speakers on rather than the big Altec speakers, but he still sounded really solid under that incredible orchestra on the Tchaik.

I really was impressed with Phil M.'s fantastic horn solo (and stuck the telephone up to the T.V. during that event, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS LONG DISTANCE). Sorry, but I LIKE his very controlled vibrato on the horn just fine.

What did you think of the 'cello concerto and all of Stanley Drucker's clarinet solos?

My friend, Michael Gilbert and his wife are in the NYP violin section. (The high profile up-and-coming [and "arrived"] conductor, Alan, who has turned down some big job offers, is their son.) Michael's brother, Bob, my closer friend, is a superb horn player, conductor, and horn teacher (teaches my younger daughter) who lives here in Memphis (Bob is the former Principal Horn in both the Japan and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestras.), so being a brother of a horn player, Michael pays a lot of attention to the brass sound in the NY orchestra. The next time he is in Memphis (not very often, lately) I would like to ask Michael how the new Nirshy tuba sounds to him vs. the MW-65's. Michael had commented to me several years ago that he wasn't crazy about the MW-65 sound.

The first time that I heard Mr. Deck in person was right after his New York appointment, and he teamed up with his former colleagues (trombone section of the Houston Symphony, his former appointment) to do an excerpt demo for a big T.U.B.A. shindig in Denton, Texas. At that time, Mr. Deck was playing a Holton. MYYY, what a sound!

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