Re: I'm thinking of buying a Kalison. What do you think?

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Posted by Joe Sellmansberger on April 07, 1999 at 22:05:00:

In Reply to: I'm thinking of buying a Kalison. What do you think? posted by Curious on April 05, 1999 at 17:19:49:

"fixing" to? Are you from Memphis? (I am.) This is not a "sexy" suggestion ( as Miraphones seem to have become "pedestrian"). I do not currently own a Miraphone CC 186, but I think that that is a fantastic "starter" and multi-purpose CC. The pitch on Miraphones is not perfect, but they have FAR fewer problems with intonation than most CC tubas. Their 4/4 size, the 186, is quite fine. Miraphones do not offer the broadest tone color, but, again, very decent intonation. If new, I would recommend the "S" (student) series as your only consideration. Their so-called "professional" line offers no differences that I can see, hear, or feel, other that some nickel-silver trim and some cute scroll work. Others may come back to this spot and remark that I am F.O.S., but Mr. Gene Pokorny has told me that he used a Miraphone CC 186 to wade through the preliminaries and semi-finals of most all of the auditions that he has taken (Has he EVER auditioned and NOT gotten the job [?]). Also, Miraphone S-186 CC tubas are well-made, parts-available, and CHEAP TO BUY -- especially if you are planning on selling it and getting another CC , someday. If I were "fixing" to buy my first CC, I think that I would visit the Miraphone man.
Good luck with your search, my friend.

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